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Phoenix Lore is a magazine by and for the hobby gaming community. Our volunteer staff is dedicated to nurturing new talent and bringing the writing and artwork generated by the online gaming community to the level of a professional gaming publication. Every issue of our magazine is chock-full of gaming goodies, including new adventures, tips and tricks, and just plain fun-to-read articles for gamers at every level.

Some have said that the tabletop gaming industry is dying. We intend to prove them wrong. So reincarnate your game today with Phoenix Lore Magazine!

Issue #3 Highlights

  • Quick & Dirty GM: Romantic Adventures
  • Cards That Love Each Other
  • Ask Harpy: Gamer Advice with Attitude
  • A Different Kind of War: Space Warfare
  • Creature Feature: The Love Bug
  • The City of Dreams, Part 2: The further adventures of Ethan Dupreii
  • THe Lost Sea: Part 2 of the Veil of Fog adventure (see issue #2)
  • And plenty more with 81 pages of gaming goodness for your use and enjoyment

Issue #2 Highlights

  • Soul Silt: A City of Tartarus
  • Monkey Reviews: 4e Player's Handbook
  • We Are the Champions: Tips for Choosing the Right DDM Champion
  • Veil of Fog: A complete adventure for 16th-level characters
  • City of Dreams: Urban Fiction featuring Ethan Dupreii
  • Harpy's Holiday Carols
  • Celebrity Spotlight: Interview with Monte Cook
  • Ask Harpy: Gamer Advice with Attitude
  • Creature Feature: The Dream Gremlin
  • Quick & Dirty GM: Time to Hit the Reset Button
  • Apprentice Workshop: Blocking Writer's (and Artist's) Block
  • Shards of Alara Hits the Streets
  • And plenty more with 105 pages of gaming goodness for your use and enjoyment